visual effects for film productions

Visual effects involve in the inte­gra­tion of live-action footage and gen­er­ated imagery to cre­ate envi­ron­ments which look real­is­tic, but would be dan­ger­ous, expen­sive, imprac­ti­cal, or impos­si­ble to cap­ture on film. — Wikipedia

We love visual effects and so should you. A lot of films would look too green with­out it.
But we have some great news. We can fill those green spots with awe­some stuff.
Here are a cou­ple of things we can do:

- Add fire, explo­sions, rain, or tor­na­dos to your footage.
 — Trans­form your actor into a scary creature
 — Add dig­i­tal ele­ments to your footage
 — Cre­ate your envi­ron­ment from scratch and imple­ment it in your scene
 — Ani­mate and inte­grate par­ti­cles and lights in your footage

Let us know what you need.

Visual Effects Demo Reel from Fausto Sam­mali on Vimeo.

For more infos check: http://​sam​mali​.com/​v​i​s​u​a​l​-​e​f​f​e​c​ts/