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Video Upgrade: Visual Effects, Spe­cial Effects, Stunts, Motion Gra­phics, Ani­ma­tio­nen.

Visual Effects

Spe­cial Effects

Motion gra­phics


Make up

Für Foto­gra­fie und Film­pro­duk­tion.
Unsere Make-Up Artis­tin kann Dich auf Set in alles mög­li­che umwandeln.

Music Video Pro­duc­tion En La Batalla by Fal­kon­nec­tion – Teaser

Music Video Pro­duc­tion En La Batalla by Fal­kon­nec­tion – Tea­ser We’re working on a new music video for Fal­kon­nec­tion cal­led En La Batalla. The video is cur­r­ently in post pro­duc­tion and will be released soon. In the mean time check the tea­ser: <span…

Mega­Semi­nar Chiu Chi Ling Video

Mega Semi­nar in Switz­er­land with Grand­mas­ter Chiu Chi Ling, head of shao­lin Hung Gar Kunng Fu, owner of the 10th Dan. KUNG FU SCHULE MARTIN SEWER Camera & Edi­t­ing: Alex Hoff­mann More Infos about Film Production

Blas­tert­ruck One Trailer

Blas­tert­ruck One Trai­ler! Fal­konec­tion, Frontlinetroop,Doppia Erre, Soul­jour­ney Sound & Dance Crew Sammali Events Hip Hop, Raga, Dance­hall, un macello!! – Dop­pia Erre

Kung Fu Event Video Mar­tin Sewer

Tra­di­tion, Ehrun­gen und Black Belt Action – Die Events der KFSMS sind spek­ta­ku­lär. Seid 3 Jah­ren sind wir mit den Kame­ras dabei und jedes mal wie­der von der Show begeis­tert. Grand­mas­ter Dr. Mar­tin Sewer, 8. Dan, Black Belt Show, Awards for junior Inst­ruc­tors and…


So the trai­ler for the first Mar­tial Arts Rising pro­ject, Man of Krav Maga, is done. Its an action, mys­tery short film and its about a Krav Maga stu­dent who gets drag­ged into a life threa­tening situa­tion through his job as a jour­na­list where he’s for­ced to apply his…

Musik­vi­deo Pro­duk­tion mit Many Maurer

Durch­hal­ten wie im Rock N Roll Musik­vi­deo Pro­duk­tion in der Swis­s­tulle Münchwi­len MÜNCHWILEN. Er war Bas­sist bei der berühm­ten Band Kro­kus. Jetzt dreht Many Mau­rer zusam­men mit Blues­sän­ger und Fir­men­chef Achim Brug­ger wie­der Musik­vi­deos. Eine harte Arbeit: Von halb…

Video Tea­ser – Crea­tive Lounge Mallorca

Record­ing Stu­dio Crea­tive Lounge Mal­lorca Video Tea­ser We had a great week in Mal­lorca, @cöffe record­ing, @fowey filming and chil­ling! Its a beau­ti­ful, quiet Loca­tion with awe­some people and truly a place to be crea­tive. Thanks to Rico, Anna Lena, Jenny and Baum!…

The Black Belt Show – Event Video

One of the high­lights of Kung Fu Schule Mar­tin Sewer’s Mega Event is of course the legen­dary Black Belt Show. Like every year, the Sammali Film Crew was there again to film the show. And like every year it was ama­zing. Enjoy the action! <span…

Intro Video Clip 167Flash

Intro Video Clip for the TV-Show 167Flash Tog­e­ther with the guys from Zona 167 Stu­dio we crea­ted a little intro video clip for their hip hop talk tv show. On set we had mc’s, rap­per, dj’s, breakers…a nice little gathe­ring, to create this intro video. The show is…

Kung Fu Schule Mar­tin Sewer Mega Event 2017 Video

Grand­mas­ter Mar­tin Sewer Gala Event Video This year’s Mega Event was once again jam-packed with high­lights such as demons­tra­ti­ons, cere­mo­nies and of course the legen­dary black belt show. For those who mis­sed the event, here’s the video: Camera: Alex Hoff­mann, Ralf…

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