3D Mons­ter VFX

3D Mons­ter Visual Effects Test Its aliiivv­vee!! Stran­ded crea­ture in sou­thern Italy, Salento. Fields: 3D Mons­ter Model­ling, Pho­to­gra­phy Com­po­si­t­ing & Ani­ma­tion More…

Blas­tert­ruck One Trailer

Blas­tert­ruck One Trai­ler! Fal­konec­tion, Frontlinetroop,Doppia Erre, Soul­jour­ney Sound & Dance Crew Sammali Events Hip Hop, Raga, Dance­hall, un macello!! – Dop­pia Erre

Mons­ters Around The World 3D Animation

ANITHING CAN HAPPEN IN SOUTHERN ITALY… …working on my lap­top in #italy on my favou­rite pro­gram, #zbrush and #blen­der and this hap­pened #mons­ters Short 3D ani­ma­tion test. Shot on iphone 😛 

Trai­ler Pro­duc­tion Man of Krav Maga

The first trai­ler is here! https://​youtu​.be/​z​L​7​r​S​-​R​S​vmg Cast: Biju­mon Geevarghese Anto­nio Del Gazio Yael Hayes Renato Schaff­ner Nico Bokardo Ralf Hau­gän Alex Hoff­mann Mateus Albu­quer­que Valen­tin Bür­gis­ser Idan Grai­zer Nicky B Fly Manuela Kunz Rhea Careddu Stunt…

The Black Belt Show – Event Video

One of the high­lights of Kung Fu Schule Mar­tin Sewer’s Mega Event is of course the legen­dary Black Belt Show. Like every year, the Sammali Film Crew was there again to film the show. And like every year it was ama­zing. Enjoy the action! <span…

Visual Effects For Your Film Productions

Visual effects involve in the inte­gra­tion of live-action foo­tage and gene­ra­ted imagery to create envi­ron­ments which look rea­listic, but would be dan­ge­rous, expen­sive, imp­rac­ti­cal, or impos­si­ble to cap­ture on film. – Wiki­pe­dia We love visual effects and so should you.…

Motion Gra­phics – For­eign Genome

For­eign Genome nr. 7 for The Indus­try series. https://​youtu​.be/​B​M​q​k​y​C​c​z​358 For­eign Genome 7 More infos about Motion Gra­phics: Sammali Design


So the trai­ler for the first Mar­tial Arts Rising pro­ject, Man of Krav Maga, is done. Its an action, mys­tery short film and its about a Krav Maga stu­dent who gets drag­ged into a life threa­tening situa­tion through his job as a jour­na­list where he’s for­ced to apply his…

Video Tea­ser – Crea­tive Lounge Mallorca

Record­ing Stu­dio Crea­tive Lounge Mal­lorca Video Tea­ser We had a great week in Mal­lorca, @cöffe record­ing, @fowey filming and chil­ling! Its a beau­ti­ful, quiet Loca­tion with awe­some people and truly a place to be crea­tive. Thanks to Rico, Anna Lena, Jenny and Baum!…

Motion Gra­phics Stu­dio Reel

Motion Gra­phics Stu­dio Reel Sammali Design crea­tes motion gra­phics focu­sing on con­vey­ing your brand mes­sage, story or infor­ma­tion with strong visu­als. Motion Gra­phics can be used in com­bi­na­tion with live foo­tage in video pro­duc­tions crea­ting an amazing…

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