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Thola — Metal Music Video Production

It was an absolute plea­sure work­ing with tHola and all the awe­some peo­ple we had the priv­i­lege to work with on this great project.

Spe­cial thanks to Tuno and his excep­tional loca­tion and incred­i­ble art­works and Clau­dia for her participating.


We would like to thank Clau­dia Jentsch for her magic and for putting up with all of us dur­ing the shoot and Tuno Imhof, for let­ting us use his incred­i­ble Black­smith shop as a back­drop and his act­ing tal­ents. We would also like to thank Tina Rup­pen for her hos­pi­tal­ity and amaz­ing cater­ing. Last but cer­tainly not least, we thank ‘Sam­mali Design’ for all their work. 

Squar­ing The Cir­cle — tHola

Impres­sions from the set

About the band:
Face­book: face​book​.com/​t​h​o​l​a​M​e​t​a​l​C​i​r​cus
Web­site: thola​-met​al​cir​cus​.com

Music Video Pro­duc­tions by Sam­mali Design.