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Wir bieten eine bre­ite Palette an Stilen an.

realistische zeichnungen


comic zeichnungen


abstrakte illustrationen


konzepte skizzen



Alles beginnt mit einer Idee. Gewapp­net mit Skizzen­block und Bleis­tift, erar­beiten wir jedes Pro­jekt mit aus­führlichen Recherchen und kreativem Input, vom Konzept bis zur Aus­führung. 


Dig­i­tal Paint­ings 

Illus­tra­tio­nen wer­den dig­i­tal, mit spezial­isierter Soft­ware erstellt. 

digital paintings

Skizzen & Konzepte

Hier ein paar Seiten aus den Skizzen­büch­ern. Darunter sind Skizzen von CD Cov­ers, Comics, Ani­ma­tio­nen, Logos, Charak­ter Design, etc. Enjoy! [gallery columns=“4” size=“medium” link=“file”…

CD Cover Art­work — Iza­manya

CD Cover Art­work — Iza­manya CD cover design for Sec­ond Life, the new EP by Iza­manya. Project Web­site: Iza​manya​.com Tracks: 1 WARRIOR OF THE HEART 2 DON’T WANNA DIE BEFORE I DIE 3 I’VE BEEN WAITING 4 PISSIN’ IZA LOOSLI – VOCALS MANY MAURER – GUITARS /​ BASS PETER HAAS –…

Poster Design Louder XXL Fest

Poster Design for the Louder XXL Fest Fea­tur­ing Atropas, Craigh and Creeon­More about Dark Wings: http://​dark​-wings​.com

Street­pa­rade Love­mo­bile Design — Are you crazy?

Are you Crazy — Street­pa­rade Love­mo­bile 2015 Design Comic, Hor­ror, Action! Vor­gaben für as Art­work: Illus­tra­tion von niedlichen Krea­turen, gefährlichen Mon­stern und geballte Action! Damit wurde das Love­mo­bile der Hard Music Asso­ci­a­tion an der Street­pa­rade 2015…

For­eign Genome Dig­i­tal Art

Con­cept Art | Char­ac­ter Design We are work­ing on some crea­ture designs for the Indus­try Project. Since we aren’t sure which direc­tion to take with these par­tic­u­lar crea­tures, we’re approach­ing it look­ing at some abstract shapes and forms to find some­thing new. So we…

Alle­gor­i­cal Dig­i­tal Paint­ing for The Indus­try Project

Draw­ing, Dig­i­tal Paint­ing, Dig­i­tal Art. The Indus­try is a project which started a cou­ple of years ago as a result of inten­sive research on dif­fer­ent top­ics such as his­tory, reli­gion, busi­ness,  con­spir­acy etc. It turned into a com­plete Sci-Fi, Fan­tasy uni­verse which…

E.x.e.c.u.t.e Infected 10 Years Hard­core — Art­work

Pen­cil, Dig­i­tal Paint­ing, Graphic Design, Typog­ra­phy Action, Hor­ror, Hard­core Music Flyer & Poster: Hard­core Music Asso­ci­a­tion Face­book E.X.E.C.U.T.E…

Album Art­work Graphic Designer

Graphic Design, Illus­tra­tion, Pho­tog­ra­phy Graphic Design for Album Cover Art­work — Design für Bands and Artists. We are spe­cialised in cre­at­ing art­work for bands and artists. Using the right tech­nique, illus­tra­tion, dig­i­tal paint­ing, graphic design, pho­tog­ra­phy, etc.…

Sketchy illus­tra­tions: Con­cepts for MoKM Movie

Illus­tra­tion for Man of Krav Maga For the short film Man of Krav Maga, we cre­ated some draw­ings for each main char­ac­ter of the film which orig­i­nally was part of the char­ac­ter design. We used the sketchy draw­ings later for Key Art as well. [gallery…

Reise­fieber Bleis­tiftze­ich­nun­gen

Bleis­tiftze­ich­nun­gen — Reise­fieber Fes­ti­val in Schel­ten (BE) Bleis­tift Pro­jek­tweb­seite: Reise­fieber Schel­ten Weit­ere Infos: Sam­mali Art­work

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