Green­screen Stu­dio


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CHF 35.- /​ Stunde



10 m² Räum­lichkeit, mit Boden, Decke und Wände kom­plett in grün. Höhe 220cm.

Stan­dard inklu­sive sind:
2 Soft­boxen
4 LED Pan­els
LED Ring
Div. Back­drops in ver­schiede­nen Far­ben

Fol­gen­des kann zusät­zlich gemietet wer­den:
- Kam­era: Canon 5d Mark 3
- Kam­era: Black­magic URSA Mini 4k
- Diverse Req­ui­siten: Perücken, Masken, Waf­fen, Klei­dung, etc.   

greenscreen studio

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So the trailer for the first Mar­tial Arts Ris­ing project, Man of Krav Maga, is done. Its an action, mys­tery short film and its about a Krav Maga stu­dent who gets dragged into a life threat­en­ing sit­u­a­tion through his job as a jour­nal­ist where he’s forced to apply his…

Motion Graph­ics — For­eign Genome

For­eign Genome nr. 7 for The Indus­try series. https://​youtu​.be/​B​M​q​k​y​C​c​z​358 For­eign Genome 7 More infos about Motion Graph­ics: Sam­mali Design


We did a series of action pho­tos for the new Short Film Fist of Wing Chun by Mar­tial Arts Ris­ing, which right now is in pre-pro­duc­tion. The goal was to intro­duce the main char­ac­ters of the film, the pro­tag­o­nists and antag­o­nists, each one in his respect­ing mar­tial arts…

Intro Video Clip 167Flash

Intro Video Clip for the TV-Show 167Flash Together with the guys from Zona 167 Stu­dio we cre­ated a lit­tle intro video clip for their hip hop talk tv show. On set we had mc’s, rap­per, dj’s, breakers…a nice lit­tle gath­er­ing, to cre­ate this intro video. The show is…

MegaSem­i­nar Chiu Chi Ling Video

Mega Sem­i­nar in Switzer­land with Grand­mas­ter Chiu Chi Ling, head of shaolin Hung Gar Kunng Fu, owner of the 10th Dan. KUNG FU SCHULE MARTIN SEWER Cam­era & Edit­ing: Alex Hoff­mann More Infos about Film Pro­duc­tion

Kung Fu Event Video Mar­tin Sewer

Tra­di­tion, Ehrun­gen und Black Belt Action — Die Events der KFSMS sind spek­takulär. Seid 3 Jahren sind wir mit den Kam­eras dabei und jedes mal wieder von der Show begeis­tert. Grand­mas­ter Dr. Mar­tin Sewer, 8. Dan, Black Belt Show, Awards for junior Instruc­tors and…

Car­i­ca­tures — Extreme Photo Manip­u­la­tion

Extreme Photo Manip­u­la­tion Can we achieve a car­toon or comic look with actual pho­tographs? We tried to cre­ate some car­i­ca­tures in the stu­dio, manip­u­lat­ing the pho­tos with the many awe­some tools in Pho­to­shop. With a bit of exag­ger­a­tion we man­aged to cre­ate some…

Visual Effects For Your Film Pro­duc­tions

Visual effects involve in the inte­gra­tion of live-action footage and gen­er­ated imagery to cre­ate envi­ron­ments which look real­is­tic, but would be dan­ger­ous, expen­sive, imprac­ti­cal, or impos­si­ble to cap­ture on film. — Wikipedia We love visual effects and so should you.…

Metal Music Video Pro­duc­tion — Thola

Thola — Metal Music Video Pro­duc­tion It was an absolute plea­sure work­ing with tHola and all the awe­some peo­ple we had the priv­i­lege to work with on this great project. Spe­cial thanks to Tuno and his excep­tional loca­tion and incred­i­ble art­works and Clau­dia for her…

Trailer Pro­duc­tion Man of Krav Maga

The first trailer is here! https://​youtu​.be/​z​L​7​r​S​-​R​S​vmg Cast: Biju­mon Gee­vargh­ese Anto­nio Del Gazio Yael Hayes Renato Schaffner Nico Bokardo Ralf Haugän Alex Hoff­mann Mateus Albu­querque Valentin Bür­gisser Idan Graizer Nicky B Fly Manuela Kunz Rhea Careddu Stunt…