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Media Pro­duzent

Die besten Resul­tate entste­hen immer in guter Zusam­me­nar­beit.
Das wider­spiegelt sich auch in unserer Arbeitsweise.

Sam­mali Design ist ein kleines Team von kreativen Köpfen und Experten im Bere­ich Medi­ade­sign.
Durch unser Net­zw­erk kön­nen wir, ein­fach und effizient, ein bre­ites Spek­trum an Dien­stleis­tun­gen anbi­eten.

Mit unseren Part­nern und Kun­den haben wir ein enges Arbeitsver­hält­nis, mit dem gemein­samen Ziel, eine langfristige, pro­duk­tive und pro­fes­sionelle Beziehung aufzubauen.

Wir schliessen uns mit Unternehmern ver­schieden­ster Branchen zusam­men um Visio­nen durch Visuelle Kom­mu­nika­tion, Medi­en­de­sign und mass­geschnei­derten Mar­ket­ingstrate­gien umzuset­zen.

Car­i­ca­tures — Extreme Photo Manip­u­la­tion

Extreme Photo Manip­u­la­tion Can we achieve a car­toon or comic look with actual pho­tographs? We tried to cre­ate some car­i­ca­tures in the stu­dio, manip­u­lat­ing the pho­tos with the many awe­some tools in Pho­to­shop. With a bit of exag­ger­a­tion we man­aged to cre­ate some…

Album Art­work Graphic Designer

Graphic Design, Illus­tra­tion, Pho­tog­ra­phy Graphic Design for Album Cover Art­work — Design für Bands and Artists. We are spe­cialised in cre­at­ing art­work for bands and artists. Using the right tech­nique, illus­tra­tion, dig­i­tal paint­ing, graphic design, pho­tog­ra­phy, etc.…

Sam­mali Showreel 2015

Shoot­ing, Edit­ing, Spe­cial Effects, Visual Effects, Ani­ma­tion Von Musikvideo­pro­duk­tio­nen, über Events, bis zu Ani­ma­tio­nen und FX, hier kriegst Du einen kleinen Überblick zu unseren Film­pro­duk­tio­nen. Cred­its Tracks: mood music by SOUNDTRAXX STUDIOS, MANY MAURER zumpi…

Poster Design Louder XXL Fest

Poster Design for the Louder XXL Fest Fea­tur­ing Atropas, Craigh and Creeon­More about Dark Wings: http://​dark​-wings​.com

For­eign Genome Dig­i­tal Art

Con­cept Art | Char­ac­ter Design We are work­ing on some crea­ture designs for the Indus­try Project. Since we aren’t sure which direc­tion to take with these par­tic­u­lar crea­tures, we’re approach­ing it look­ing at some abstract shapes and forms to find some­thing new. So we…

MegaSem­i­nar Chiu Chi Ling Video

Mega Sem­i­nar in Switzer­land with Grand­mas­ter Chiu Chi Ling, head of shaolin Hung Gar Kunng Fu, owner of the 10th Dan. KUNG FU SCHULE MARTIN SEWER Cam­era & Edit­ing: Alex Hoff­mann More Infos about Film Pro­duc­tion

Reise­fieber Bleis­tiftze­ich­nun­gen

Bleis­tiftze­ich­nun­gen — Reise­fieber Fes­ti­val in Schel­ten (BE) Bleis­tift Pro­jek­tweb­seite: Reise­fieber Schel­ten Weit­ere Infos: Sam­mali Art­work

Visual Effects For Your Film Pro­duc­tions

Visual effects involve in the inte­gra­tion of live-action footage and gen­er­ated imagery to cre­ate envi­ron­ments which look real­is­tic, but would be dan­ger­ous, expen­sive, imprac­ti­cal, or impos­si­ble to cap­ture on film. — Wikipedia We love visual effects and so should you.…


So the trailer for the first Mar­tial Arts Ris­ing project, Man of Krav Maga, is done. Its an action, mys­tery short film and its about a Krav Maga stu­dent who gets dragged into a life threat­en­ing sit­u­a­tion through his job as a jour­nal­ist where he’s forced to apply his…

Music Video Pro­duc­tion En La Batalla by Falkon­nec­tion — Teaser

Music Video Pro­duc­tion En La Batalla by Falkon­nec­tion — Teaser We’re work­ing on a new music video for Falkon­nec­tion called En La Batalla. The video is cur­rently in post pro­duc­tion and will be released soon. In the mean time check the teaser: <span…

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