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Cover Art­work Design


Klas­sisch. Mod­ern. Postmodern.

Cover Designs, opti­miert für Print und dig­i­tale Kanäle.


Zeich­nun­gen, Paint­ings, CG


Real­is­tisch. Abstrakt. Jus­tice League.

Illus­tri­erte Covers

layout - cover artwork

Stu­dio, On-Set, Retouching


Impe­r­ial Fleet. Paparazzi. Mondlandung.

Foto­shoot­ings fürs Cover Design



Jewel box, Bril­liant Box, Digi­pack, Dig­isleeve, Stecktasche

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Musikvideo Pro­duk­tion mit Many Maurer

Durch­hal­ten wie im Rock N Roll Musikvideo Pro­duk­tion in der Swis­stulle Münch­wilen MÜNCHWILEN. Er war Bassist bei der berühmten Band Krokus. Jetzt dreht Many Mau­rer zusam­men mit Bluessänger und Fir­menchef Achim Brug­ger wieder Musikvideos. Eine harte Arbeit: Von halb…

Visual Effects For Your Film Productions

Visual effects involve in the inte­gra­tion of live-action footage and gen­er­ated imagery to cre­ate envi­ron­ments which look real­is­tic, but would be dan­ger­ous, expen­sive, imprac­ti­cal, or impos­si­ble to cap­ture on film. — Wikipedia We love visual effects and so should you.…

The Street Gab­bers — Dig­i­tal art

Dig­i­tal­paint­ing & Grafikde­sign Art­work für The Street Gab­bers — Action, fan­tasy and urban. Konzept: Angelo Sam­mali Dig­i­tal­paint­ing: Fausto Sam­mali Skizze: Flyer Back:   Hard­core Music Asso­ci­a­tion Face­book E.X.E.C.U.T.E Face­book ice​-cube​-club​.ch Sam­mali Bros.…

Album Art­work Graphic Designer

Graphic Design, Illus­tra­tion, Pho­tog­ra­phy Graphic Design for Album Cover Art­work — Design für Bands and Artists. We are spe­cialised in cre­at­ing art­work for bands and artists. Using the right tech­nique, illus­tra­tion, dig­i­tal paint­ing, graphic design, pho­tog­ra­phy, etc.…

How To Choose The Right Logo Type For Your Business

How to choose the right logo type for your busi­ness? The logo is often referred to as the DNA of a Brand. Com­mu­ni­cat­ing the brand’s value and func­tion in a sim­ple design isn’t an easy task​.It should reflect the brand and the prod­uct in style, look and expres­sion. To…

Blastertruck One Trailer

Blastertruck One Trailer! Falkonec­tion, Frontlinetroop,Doppia Erre, Souljour­ney Sound & Dance Crew Sam­mali Events Hip Hop, Raga, Dance­hall, un macello!! — Doppia Erre

Musikvideo Pro­duk­tion Baba The Fayahstudent

Wie startet man einen erfol­gre­ichen Video Dreh? Genau. Mit einer Tasse Kaf­fee. Mor­gen früh, son­niges Wet­ter, schönes Lausen. Soviel zu den Startbe­din­gun­gen. Also alles in allem super Bedin­gun­gen um ein cooles Reg­gae Video zu drehen. An dieser Stelle geht mein erstes…

Mon­sters Around The World 3D Animation

ANITHING CAN HAPPEN IN SOUTHERN ITALY… …work­ing on my lap­top in #italy on my favourite pro­gram, #zbrush and #blender and this hap­pened #mon­sters Short 3D ani­ma­tion test. Shot on iphone 😛 

Motion Graph­ics — For­eign Genome

For­eign Genome nr. 7 for The Indus­try series. https://​youtu​.be/​B​M​q​k​y​C​c​z​358 For­eign Genome 7 More infos about Motion Graph­ics: Sam­mali Design

3D Mon­ster VFX

3D Mon­ster Visual Effects Test Its ali­i­ivvvee!! Stranded crea­ture in south­ern Italy, Salento. Fields: 3D Mon­ster Mod­el­ling, Pho­tog­ra­phy Com­posit­ing & Ani­ma­tion More…