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CD Cover Art­work — Iza­manya

CD cover design for Sec­ond Life, the new EP by Iza­manya. Project Web­site: Iza​manya​.com Tracks: 1 WARRIOR OF THE HEART 2 DON’T WANNA DIE BEFORE I DIE 3 I’VE BEEN WAITING 4 PISSIN’ IZA LOOSLI – VOCALS MANY MAURER – GUITARS /​ BASS PETER HAAS – DRUMS All Songs writ­ten by Mau­rer /​ Loosli Pro­duced by IZAMANYA Recorded & mixed @ Sound­Traxx Stu­dios Drum­record­ing & final mas­ter­ing @ LIZI Stu­dio Cov­er­art by Sam­mali Design I sam​mali​.com Cov­er­shot by the clösö­mates | cloe​soe​mates​.com Face-paint­ing art by Fab­u­larasa | fab​u​larasa​.ch Cd Cover Artwork Merch