Draw­ing, Dig­i­tal Paint­ing, Dig­i­tal Art.

The Indus­try is a project which started a cou­ple of years ago as a result of inten­sive research on dif­fer­ent top­ics such as his­tory, reli­gion, busi­ness,  con­spir­acy etc. It turned into a com­plete Sci-Fi, Fan­tasy uni­verse which is now cur­rently in devel­op­ment for a movie.  A lot of con­tent will be released soon on the web­site indus​try​-world​.com.

In the mean time we thought to show you some alle­gor­i­cal dig­i­tal paint­ings and con­cepts which we’ve done for the end scene of the movie.

“THE INDUSTRY” tells the story of an ambi­tious and tal­ented nobody who grew up in the poverty stricken south­ern Italy. On his jour­ney to the top of “the pyra­mid”, he real­izes who he’s deal­ing with, uncov­er­ing secrets that make him regret enter­ing this world but at the same time gain­ing power and wealth beyond his wildest dreams.

Allegorical Digital Painting

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