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Film production for the muisc industry


Artists, Bands, Producers, Labels, Studios: Need a video for your music productions?

Let us know so we can partner up and create amazing stuff.

Whether your music video requires a special location, a professional studio or even live footage, we’ve got you covered. Stunts and visual effects included.

We look forward to meeting you.
Sammali Design Crew 

Pricing & Packages


To produce the best possible Video we work very methodically.

Step nr. 1 is the following:

The critical question: If you consider to do a music video, your idea or early concept for the song and the budget you are willing to spend,are fundmental, and the most important preliminary information for us.
Based on that, we can determine what kind of package we are looking at and work from there to get the result you want. 

General Information


Traditional Music Video | Lyrics Video | Motion Graphics | Studio Session | Live Video | Animation

The five packages


One | The Classic | Animation | Epic |

The handler (coming soon)

Music Video Packages

Included in all of our music video packages

– Basic equipment 

– Blackmagic Cinema Camera
– Lighting
– 10m² portable greenscreen
(for simple digital effects)
– Audio Player

Not included in our music video packages

Services will be charged extra

Concept or Story

 A music video can be a very simple performance piece, but it can also tell a very complex story or idea.

Additional equipment

– Drohne
– Crane
– Dolly
– etc.

Expensive locations

We can find the location that fits your concept and get the permit to shoot there, but some locations aren’t free.

Special Wardrobe

Extra fancy clothes, accessories and props needed? We got you covered.

Greenscreen Studio

If a bigger Studio is required for a production we can arrange that.

Make Up

We can provide make up artists for any kind of style, beauty make up and anything else for that matter.


We have a big network of talents and extras if needed and can provide them as well.

Stunts / Special Effects

Next level? Body burns, fights, high falls, car crashes, explosions…


It can be dancing, an action scene, or fights. Complex performances need a choreographer and we have the right people for the job.


If the video shooting is a full day or longer it is strongly suggested to organise some kind of catering, to keep the artists and performers motivated and fueled. We can provide an excellent catering service on set thanks to our awesome partners.

Complex Visual Effects & Motion Graphics

You need the blockbuster upgrade? Keep calm and let Sammali handle this.

Additional Services

Tutta La Notte – Sal Nurrito

Animated Music Video produced by Sammali Design

Client: Sal Nurrito

℗+©2018 Blue Martin Records [LC 01943], a division of k-direct AG, under exclusive license from Sal Nurrito


Fottuto Business – Doppia Erre

Music Video production by Sammali Design

Client: Doppia Erre

Song from the Doppia erre album “Nella Materia”


My Way – Baba The Fayahstudent

Music Video production by Sammali Design

Client: Baba The Fayahstudent

Open Minded – Many Maurer

Music Video production by Sammali Design

Client: Many Maurer, Soundtraxx Studios

Money – Jerx

Animated Music Video produced by Sammali Design

Client: Jerx

Brigitte Meuwsen – Iphone Addiction

Animated Music Video produced by Sammali Design

Client: Brigitte Meuwsen

Crazy Train – Fancy Groove

Music Video produced by Sammali Design

Client: Achim Brugger

Pink Jelly Bean – Take A Ride

Music Video produced by Sammali Design

Client: Pink Jelly Bean

Jesse Ritch – Clockhouse Tour

Event Music Video produced by Sammali Design for the clockhouse tour by C&A

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