Concept art & Design

Der Zweck von Conceptart ist Möglichkeiten und Ideen auszukundschaften, bevor diese weiterbearbeitet werden.
Für jede ausgearbeitete Grafik oder fertiges Video, entstehen mehrere Skizzen und Entwürfe welche zum finalen Produkt führen.
Durch Recherchen und kreativem Input definieren wir den Stil und Funktionen.

Character Design



Landschaften, Architekturen, Strukturen


Concept Art Environments, Architecture Design

Architecture Design Illustration, Concept Art, Digital Art Sci-Fi, Mystery, Industrial Illustrations. Some unconventional architectures were needed to design some buildings for the Industry Project. We created these structures mixing steel and concrete and some other...
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Foreign Genome Digital Art

Concept Art | Character Design We are working on some creature designs for the Industry Project. Since we aren't sure which direction to take with these particular creatures, we're approaching it looking at some abstract shapes and forms to find something new. So we...
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Concept art – Just an alien having coffee

Alien Design - Concept Art We're working on some backgrounds, machinery and creatures for The Industry Project. Creating concepts for movies is no easy task though. It requires lots of coffee to stay focused, even for aliens. Here are some early 'polished' concepts...
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